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The Fastest Path to Cash (Guaranteed)

Listen here…if you want to grow your business (read: make more money) you have to minimize distractions. It is real easy to add, add, add and to push, push, push tasks, approaches,and so-called shortcuts because you see other people out there hawking all of...

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Remember This One Thing Every Day

Entrepreneurship should be a members only club. You have to have big beliefs (and big something elses) to play in this game and if you don’t you need not apply. This was the thought I had as I listened to a panel of multi-multi million dollar business owners sharing...

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Are You Building the Wrong Business?

“In the whole 2 years that I’ve been building my business, I finally realized I was building the wrong business.” These were the words spoken by a friend of mine as we caught up on each other’s lives. She grinned widely as she said it. A grin that showed relief. This...

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2 Keys for Building Your Empire

I had a breakfast meeting recently with a lovely couple who after decades of marriage and the wife’s recent downsize decided to start a business together. Which would be fantastic if the business wasn’t starting to pull them apart. When I asked them questions about...

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3 Warning Signs You are Heading for Client Hell

Life is too short to work with clients you don’t enjoy. Really. You should not be groaning when you see So and So’s name in your email inbox. Your entire day should not be ruined because you realize at 7am you have an appointment with Blankety Blank at 4pm. You should...

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When to Hire a Sales Team

Wouldn’t life be infinitely easier if you had someone else out there getting new business for you so all you had to do was actually do your work? More than likely you had that in mind when you started the business. You hadn’t planned on spending the majority of...

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Reality Check: What to Do When You Need A Lift

I drew this one dark day a several years back when I was sitting in my office trying to figure out how I was going to pay my bills.   At the time I felt completely and utterly weighted down by my business. I could not think of one person to call to offer my...

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The #1 Secret to Getting EXTRAORDINARY Results

See this guy. This guy is my husband, Donald. The picture on the left was taken in March of this year (yes, 2013) and the picture on the right was taken last month, August. As you can see he has made a dramatic transformation in just 5 months. This is the same guy who...

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It’s Time to Talk About Your Prices

There are really cool benefits to being self employed. You make your own hours, you determine the dress code (like in sweats, my personal favorite) and you even get to decide how much money you will make. Yep, there a a lot of perks to being the boss. The interesting...

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