Prices for coaching and consulting services are all over the map.

It’s hard to know from looking around what you should charge for your services when you’re looking at prices that range from Free99 to $100k.

Which is why using an ever-changing landscape to dictate YOUR prices doesn’t work.

When you price your programs or services do you struggle with landing on a price that makes sense to you and potential clients or do you write one down, cross it out, put something lower, cross it out, price in between, on and on?

Pricing in a way that reflects what you’re work is worth is your certainty in the results you deliver for your clients and everything you bring to the table—knowledge, expertise, skills, talents and gifts—that will get them those results in far less time than if they had done it on their own.

Not knowing the value of what you do and being certain of it leads to undercharging, discounting or worse yet, not offering your services at all.

Give yourself credit.

Create a program that reflect it.

Learn how to have conversations that reflect the value.

Enroll clients who get it.

Create a business that you love.

That’s the recipe.

If you don’t know how or where to start, get on my calendar: Schedule Your Time

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Karen Graves
After being a lifelong Northeastener I relocated to the South and currently reside in central Virginia with my handsome professional body builder hubby, awesome and amazing baby girl (well she’s a pre-teen, but always my baby) and furbaby boy. My oldest daughter lives in Florida and as of this writing is putting up the finishing touches on baking my grandbaby boy in her belly. Beyond loving my family, I love the beach, like seriously, love the beach. I love dancing, good food (bacon is high on my list), good wine, playing cards, board games, playing dominos and smoking hookah. You will catch me riding horses and riding around in my Mini Cooper. I am adventurous enough to run mud races, parasail,and bike ride from the top of a volcano. I love to my laptop (Mac) for the flexibility and livestreaming. I love livestreaming. And I guess the only thing left to say is, I love the life that I am creating.