This article was written last year after Prince’s death.  The sentiment remains:

“What Prince Taught Us About Success”

Like the rest of the world I was in utter shock when I heard that Prince died.

Truth be told, I still am.

It felt like a punch in the stomach to hear that my favorite musician, seemingly ageless and vital, had left this Earth way too soon.

As thousands of lifelong fans reminisce over memories of Prince’s music as the backdrop of their lives, I started to think about what we can learn from this mysterious legend about success and creating a life that defies gravity.

And whether or not you want the level of success Prince created for himself, he left behind some clues on how you can have a fulfilling experience during this thing called ‘Life’.

Here are the top 5 lessons that Prince gave us on success:

  1. Own Your S&#t

There is no question that Prince was a pure GEN-I-US. Not only was he an amazing vocalist, the way he danced and played a slew of instruments was mind-blowing. He also dabbled as an actor and often used his smoldering good looks and cheeky sense of humor to capture audiences’ hearts.

It was noted that he played all 27 instruments on all tracks but one on his album, For You. No one knows how many he could play in total. There seemed to be no limitation in his ability to bend lyrics and create symphonic masterpieces of awesome proportions.

We all know how sexy and mesmerizing Prince was. Whether he was performing or standing still he had the ability to command your attention.

And let’s not forget, he was so adept at making things his own, you can never look at the color purple again without thinking it belonged to him.

We all have our own version of that somewhere inside of us. Whether you are a master chef and can cut an onion in record time or the best big, sister on the planet, you have something unique and brilliant that you bring to the world.

When you discover it and OWN it, you exude a certainty in your confidence so no one can take their eyes off of you (or want to). And if you are in business, that very thing is what will create your wealth.

Be like Prince, own your s&#t!

2. Do You, Boo!

Whether it was how he wore his hair, the clothes he wore or the pumps on his feet, Prince was always Prince. He didn’t apologize for how he looked or what he did, he fully embraced himself.

He was called eccentric, tasteless, crass, rude, arrogant, hyper sexual, promiscuous and plain crazy and none of those words seemed to bother him nor change him. If anything, they fueled him to new heights.

When you are so clear about who you are, no one else’s opinion of you matters.

Do not live your life to the limits of other people’s opinions.


You only get one chance.

3. Hone Your Craft (For Free)

When the vault on Prince’s estate is cracked open, there is no telling what will be found inside, but he himself admitted to having hundreds upon hundreds of unreleased, completed songs in his archives.

He was about the music. He dedicated his life to it whether the audience was there or not.

He created knowing that his ears may be the only ears that ever heard those creations.

How often do you find yourself waiting for ‘perfect’ before you post that post on Facebook or release that video?

Who are you creating for?

Instead of waiting for the right time or the right inspiration, do what you do without expectation of reward. That is what will make you masterful at your craft.

4. Don’t Talk About It Be About It

In an age where everyone is always talking, talking, talking (and talking some more!) about how great they are, Prince remained an enigma. When asked about his talent or ideas, he wasn’t bashful, but he wasn’t boastful either. He came across as certain, sexy, and confident.

If you wondered if he knew how good he truly was, you could tell by the sly sideways smile and coy, yet mischievous glances he would give to the camera as he performed that let you know he knew exactly how good he was — -and then some.

Prince wasn’t a talker. He showed the world over and over again that he was an icon. He left his mark on every stage he graced.

Telling isn’t what sells, it is what you are doing that will speak volumes.

5. Do Good Work

Since Prince’s death, there have been countless accounts regarding his generosity in the manner of philanthropy and supporting others during turbulent times. He was known to be the person to give whatever was needed to his friends, community and complete strangers in times when it was needed the most.

We may never know how much he gave or how many lives he touched, but it is evident that the numbers are high on both counts.

Prince’s work wasn’t shown only on a stage, it was what he did behind the scenes that brings forth yet another reason to adore him.

The legacy he is leaving isn’t only one of epic performances and never-to-be-heard-again musical creations, it is one of the ability to touch people at the core of their hearts and souls — to care so deeply for people that you take time out of your busy life to reach out to let them know you are thinking about them or wanting to help when and if you can.

It is to give of yourself so fully that the lasting impression you leave on them is one of complete admiration and respect.

And if there is any page from the seemingly endless book of “Success According to Prince” that I can take, this is the one I want to make my own.

Although I stopped at 5 lessons, there were so many more that I can add. I would love to hear from you, what you learned from Prince. Feel free to add your own in the comments below…and keep it positive. I am a true Prince fan. Anything that is defaming or negative will be deleted.

Let’s honor his memory.

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