“Why are so many coaches broke?”

This question used to piss me off. It was one I asked many times with no satisfying answer.

And it made me angry.

I was angry at the coaching industry.

I was at angry at struggling coaches for getting duped by the coaching industry.

I was angry I was a struggling coach getting duped by the coaching industry.

And my bank account showed it.

Anger made me blame.

I blamed the industry, mentors, non buyers, clients who were a poor fit, and anybody I could think of for my lack of achievement.

Anger made me look for problems.

I focused on what wasn’t working instead of paying attention to what was.

Anger made me skeptical.

I didn’t trust what may have been good guidance.

Anger made me lonely.

I couldn’t share the shame of not being a “successful coach” with my colleagues, my friends— my family.

Ultimately, anger became too costly to carry. It painted me in a corner riddled with confusion and self-doubt.

I HAD to find a new approach, so I asked a different question…

“Why are there so many thriving coaches?”

With this question I stopped pointing fingers.

I took personal responsibility and realized it was up to me to change the situation, not wait for it to change.

With this question I found solutions.

I sought out what worked instead of what didn’t.

With this question I found trust.

I received solid guidance from mentors and amazing colleagues.

With this question I found success—my success.

I finally shared more of who I am, not who I thought I needed to be—proudly, shameLESSly.

And with this, a better question, the world opened up.

What questions do YOU have?

Share your thoughts, comments or questions below…

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Karen Graves
After being a lifelong Northeastener I relocated to the South and currently reside in central Virginia with my handsome professional body builder hubby, awesome and amazing baby girl (well she’s a pre-teen, but always my baby) and furbaby boy. My oldest daughter lives in Florida and as of this writing is putting up the finishing touches on baking my grandbaby boy in her belly. Beyond loving my family, I love the beach, like seriously, love the beach. I love dancing, good food (bacon is high on my list), good wine, playing cards, board games, playing dominos and smoking hookah. You will catch me riding horses and riding around in my Mini Cooper. I am adventurous enough to run mud races, parasail,and bike ride from the top of a volcano. I love to my laptop (Mac) for the flexibility and livestreaming. I love livestreaming. And I guess the only thing left to say is, I love the life that I am creating.