I am not that special.

I’m a business coach.

There’s a lot of them around if you hadn’t noticed.

And, sorry to tell you, neither are you.

Which is something you have to get over.

You and I are among thousands and thousands of people who have a heart for helping others and went into business to do it. If done right, we get to be our own bosses, make our own rules, and create our own freedom in the meantime.

The challenge with not being special is that you can make the mistake in believing that since there are so many people doing the same thing you do and some even doing it HOW you want to do it, that you have to be super different to be noticed.

So you do things like create marketing messaging that only makes sense to you (and gets you nowhere).

You get discouraged when you see someone using words you swore were yours—especially when it seems to sound better coming from them—having you spend hours trying to sound different than them.

Or you get intimidated by how smart you think they are and question if you have what it takes. You pause thinking it’s silly to ‘post that post’ or ‘do that Facebook Live’.

Why would they listen to you?

So you shrink. You remain a secret—and a damn good one.

BUT, here’s one thing you may have forgotten…

You may not be “special” in a sea of other coaches or consultants, but you are one thing none of them can be…

You are UNIQUE.

Unique beats special any day of the week.

There is NO one with quite your perspective on your area of expertise.

Not another human.

Similar? Maybe.

Same? Nope.

There’s no one who has thought YOUR thoughts or had YOUR experiences or YOUR knowledge or YOUR talent.

There is no one who has the dreams you have, the visions you see and the possibilities you have mapped out.

Only you.

I know that no one has spent as many waking hours as I have obsessing over my thoughts about helping others master enrollment conversations and get over their pricing challenges. I know that the depth of my love for coaching others in business is not only unique, but to some crazy as all hell, and I couldn’t care less.

Because it doesn’t matter to me that there are other business coaches and that I may not be that special, my uniqueness is enough.

My passion is enough.

My dedication is enough.

Even if you’re not special in a sea full of people who want to help others, you have people who are desperately looking for YOU—just you.

Don’t get sucked into being “special” and being “different”. Get out there and be unique—the only way YOU can.

So tell me…what’s unique about you?

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Karen Graves
After being a lifelong Northeastener I relocated to the South and currently reside in central Virginia with my handsome professional body builder hubby, awesome and amazing baby girl (well she’s a pre-teen, but always my baby) and furbaby boy. My oldest daughter lives in Florida and as of this writing is putting up the finishing touches on baking my grandbaby boy in her belly. Beyond loving my family, I love the beach, like seriously, love the beach. I love dancing, good food (bacon is high on my list), good wine, playing cards, board games, playing dominos and smoking hookah. You will catch me riding horses and riding around in my Mini Cooper. I am adventurous enough to run mud races, parasail,and bike ride from the top of a volcano. I love to my laptop (Mac) for the flexibility and livestreaming. I love livestreaming. And I guess the only thing left to say is, I love the life that I am creating.