I’ve spoken to now thousands, literally thousands, of entrepreneurs who pretty much say they want one thing more than anything else…and that’s FREEDOM.

Financial Freedom—no more debt or having money be their master.

Time Freedom—remove restraints and obligations that block joy and ease.

Choice Freedom—the ability to live life how they want, where they want and with whom they want.

Expression Freedom—to be who they are meant to be while benefitting others and releasing the concern of what others may think.

Freedom is at the core of why one becomes an entrepreneur.

Didn’t you want freedom from a boss, rules and anything getting in the way of you helping more people thrive?

But, what many don’t realize is there is a COST to freedom.

Freedom requires boldness and decisiveness.

Freedom requires doing things you’ve never done before.

Freedom requires persistence and patience.

You can’t do what you’re used to doing, be who you’ve been comfortable being and be free too.

Freedom will not tolerate 15 font changes before you like how a meme looks and decide it’s finally okay enough to post.

Freedom will not rush forward when you see someone you can help but don’t reach out to them because you’re too concerned you look desperate.

Freedom will not greet you when you give away all of your great advice yet don’t extend offers.

Freedom rewards confidence and courage.

When my family visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture it became QUITE clear to me that the only reason I am free is because someone in my family refused to believe that they should be anything but.

If I settle for less, I have failed my future and my past.

A failure I am not willing to accept.

Are you?

Although freedom may have a cost, it’s not nearly as expensive as you may think it is.

What do you need to do differently to have the freedom you desire?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this below.

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Karen Graves
After being a lifelong Northeastener I relocated to the South and currently reside in central Virginia with my handsome professional body builder hubby, awesome and amazing baby girl (well she’s a pre-teen, but always my baby) and furbaby boy. My oldest daughter lives in Florida and as of this writing is putting up the finishing touches on baking my grandbaby boy in her belly. Beyond loving my family, I love the beach, like seriously, love the beach. I love dancing, good food (bacon is high on my list), good wine, playing cards, board games, playing dominos and smoking hookah. You will catch me riding horses and riding around in my Mini Cooper. I am adventurous enough to run mud races, parasail,and bike ride from the top of a volcano. I love to my laptop (Mac) for the flexibility and livestreaming. I love livestreaming. And I guess the only thing left to say is, I love the life that I am creating.